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Издательство O'Reily

Книга: Modular Java | Craig Walls | ISBN: 9781934356401 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Craig Walls
Год издания: 2009
Modular Java
Книга: JavaScript – The Definitive Guide 4e | David Flanagan | O'Reilly Media | ISBN: 9780596000486 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: David Flanagan
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
Год издания: 2001
JavaScript – The Definitive Guide 4e
Книга: Java Message Service | Richard Monson–haefel | ISBN: 9780596000684 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Richard Monson–haefel
Год издания: 2001
Java Message Service
Книга: Learning The Vi and Vim Editors 7e | Arnold Robbins | ISBN: 9780596529833 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Arnold Robbins
Год издания: 2008
Learning The Vi and Vim Editors 7e
Книга: Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices | Steven Feuerstein | ISBN: 9780596001216 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Steven Feuerstein
Год издания: 2001
Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices
Книга: Learning Carbon | Apple Computer | ISBN: 9780596001612 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Apple Computer
Год издания: 2001
Learning Carbon
Книга: Using Moodle: Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System | Jason Cole, Helen Foster | O'Reilly Media | ISBN: 9780596529185 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Jason Cole, Helen Foster
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
Год издания: 2008
Using Moodle is a complete, hands-on guide for instructors learning how to use Moodle, the popular course management system (CMS) that enables remote web-based learning and supplements traditional classroom learning. Updated for the latest version, this new edition explains exactly how Moodle works by offering plenty of examples, screenshots and best practices for...
Книга: ASP.NET in a Nutshell | G Andrew Duthie | ISBN: 9780596001162 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: G Andrew Duthie
Год издания: 2002
ASP.NET in a Nutshell
Книга: Building Embedded Linux Systems | Jon Masters, Karim Yaghmour, Gilad Ben-Yossef, Philippe Gerum | O'Reilly Media | ISBN: 9780596529680 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Jon Masters, Karim Yaghmour, Gilad Ben-Yossef и другие
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
Год издания: 2008
There's a great deal of excitement surrounding the use of Linux in embedded systems - for everything from cell phones to car ABS systems and water-filtration plants - but not a lot of practical information. Building Embedded Linux Systems offers an in-depth, hard-core guide to putting together embedded systems based on Linux. Updated for the latest version of...
Книга: Perl Best Practices | Damian Conway | ISBN: 9780596001735 - BazarKnig.ru
Автор: Damian Conway
Год издания: 2005
Perl Best Practices